21 Best AI Tools for Digital Marketing

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As a marketer, what is your greatest challenge?

I’m sure the word TARGETS featured heavily in your answer. Even so, whatever dollar amount your efforts are tied to depends on many variables. According to Gartner, 63% of marketing executives find providing a personalized customer experience a big challenge yet less than 20% leverage the power of AI and machine learning for customer acquisition and retention.

What’s your marketing strategy? Are you taking advantage of AI and machine learning to meet your marketing targets?

Most markers are still using antiquated methods in the digital age that do little to bridge the gap between targets and actual sales.

Something has to change.

What if you didn’t have to spend almost 50% of your time doing grunt work and instead used that time to make sales? What if you enjoyed higher sales conversion rates because you knew who to talk to, when to talk to them, and what their needs are? With Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, this is now possible.

AI tools can deliver quality sales leads, help you craft engaging content, and assist you in getting it to your audience on time via the most effective channels. 

It can help you track your performance over time, showing you what activity is draining resources and which offers the greatest return.

There are so many AI powered tools available that we would need a thesaurus-like post to get through them all, but we don’t have to. 

Below, we have provided 21 of the top AI powered tools designed to boost your digital marketing performance.

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Content Marketing AI Tools

Jasper.AI (Formerly Jarvis.AI)

If you are in content marketing, you know how difficult it is to produce well-written blog posts and other types of content. Writing good content takes time and a great deal of expertise. This is why most businesses outsource this aspect to agencies. But, even agencies have a difficult time delivering high-quality content in time.

Jasper is an AI writing assistant that cuts content creation time in half. It runs on the OpenAI GPT3 natural language processing model and comes with about 50 templates to help you draft content ranging from blog posts and web content to video scripts and online ads. 

Its customer reviews and AI writing assistant reviews indicate that is a definite game-changer.


  • Error-free content – Jasper is one of the few applications using AI to spit out content that makes sense and requires minimal editing and fact-checking.
  • Templates – It comes with over 50 templates to write content. They include a long-form assistant to write blogs, ebooks, reports, and whitepapers. It also comes with templates that use well-known copywriting frameworks such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution), email templates, email subject lines, and much more. You can view the full complement of templates here.
  • Recipes – Content writing workflows that help you write content quickly.
  • Integrations – The tool integrates with Surfer SEO to help you write blogs and content that rank well.
  • Commands – Via the Boss Mode plan, you can issue the tool with commands to automate the content creation process. For example: “Write an email hook about…” or “Write a blog post outline about…”.
  • Access to a Facebook Community comprising over 20,000 copywriters using artificial intelligence.


  • 5-day free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee on all plans.
  • $29 per monthStarter plan limited to 20,000 words and an unlimited number of users. Short-form copy using over 50+ skills such as headlines, descriptions, and bios.
  • $109 per monthPro mode with an unlimited word count. Features the Long-Form Assistant and Workspace Documents. It also includes one user, and you can add additional users at $40 per additional user. It supports 25+ Languages and has Chat support.
  • $119 per monthBoss Mode comes with an unlimited words quota. You can write 2x faster and gain control by using Jas per Commands to direct the AI to write exactly what you need. Collaborate with everyone on your team and add more team members for $50/user. All the Pro version features are inclusive.

Market Muse

With this AI powered content research, intelligence, and writing tool, you can create the right content on a winning title containing the right keywords that help drive online traffic your way. 

Marketmuse takes a deep dive into thousands of pages and compiles lists of keywords and phrases to help you optimize your posts. Let Marketmuse lead you to the first page on Google.


  • Inventory and Applications – content metrics to help you find the best content opportunities and prioritize them
  • Content briefs – Provide quality briefs to your inhouse content creators or freelancers
  • First Draft – Instead of constructing an article from scratch, save time and begin with an editor-ready draft
  • Optimize – allows you to track your performance



When creating a good post, you aim to give your reader a positive experience. Therefore, even when you have the right keywords and image alt tags, your post must be readable.

Grammarly is your ideal partner anytime you need to draft anything. It could be a blog post, a social media post, or even an email. Using AI, Grammarly checks your grammar to ensure your content is error-free.


  • Tone Detector – Friendly, Formal, Conversational, and many more
  • Grammar Checker – spelling, word choice, phrasing, and much more
  • Plagiarism Checker


  • Free plan
  • $29.99 per month – Professional 

Hubspot SEO

Hubspot is a respected member of the digital commerce community, so it is no surprise that their SEO software is on this list. Hubspot’s marketing platform helps marketers prioritize and optimize their content. The SEO function is part of their content toolbox, giving you, more value. Not only will you optimize articles and posts, but also your web pages. 


Hubspot SEO AI optimizes:

  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Email

Other features:

  • Marketing automation
  • Lead management
  • Analytics
  • Partitioning-ensuring every user has access to the right content
  • Social Media management
  • Salesforce integration

Price (For Marketing Hub Plan)

  • Free plan
  • $50 per month – Starter
  • $890 per month – Professional
  • $3,200 per month – Enterprise.

Email Marketing AI Tools


What builds customer loyalty? Engagement. Mailchimp allows you to create customized email marketing content for different groups of clients. With that personal touch, your clients feel valued and understood. You can create high-performing ad campaigns and monitor the results. 

Mailchimp provides valuable insights on market behavior and informs future marketing campaigns for increased success.


  • Audience tools – to help you understand what your contacts need
  • Creative tools – includes numerous creative templates and a creative assistant to draft emails and catchy subject lines
  • Automation tools – includes accurately mapped out customer journeys.
  • Insight tools – includes reports and analytics, smart recommendations.


  • Free basic plan
  • $9.99 per month – Essentials
  • $14.99 per month – Standard
  • $299 per month – Premium

Constant Contact

For small business and not-for-profit organizations looking to engage their customers more effectively, try Constant Contact. Their marketing AI driven platform simplifies list creation, crafting incredible emails and distribution. Save your logos and use them to customize your messages, allowing you to appear professional yet accessible to your clients. 


  • Email and Automation
  • Ecommerce integrations
  • Social marketing
  • Contact list management 
  • Tracking


  • $20 per month – Email
  • $45 per month – Email Plus


Act-on is a holistic marketing automation product designed to create an exciting experience for your clients. Though they offer many automation features that work very well, their email marketing artificial intelligence is very intuitive. It gives room for trial and error, ensuring you get your message right.


  • Web and landing page builder
  • Web forms and progressive profiling
  • Lead scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Organize contacts by traits and behaviors to customize your communication
  • Automated marketing
  • Automated email and messaging
  • Analytics and reporting
  • CRM Integration


  • $900 per month – Professional
  • $2000 per month – Enterprise


Autopilot helps you craft meaningful emails that pique your client’s interests. Then, as they proceed through the buyer’s journey, keep them engaged with the right messages. Eventually, Autopilot will help you turn this client into an ambassador, earning you more revenue.


  • Segment your leads and customers-organize them based on activity and demographic to customize their messages
  • Design and build customer journeys 
  • Collaborative features to foster team performance
  • Customizable email templates to grab attention and lead to a sale. 


  • Free plan
  • $29 per month – Campaign
  • $99 per month – Pro
  • $299 per month – Business

SEO AI Marketing Tools

Rank IQ

Whether you blog for a living or use your blog to drive traffic to your website, you need your posts optimized for search engines. RankIQ can get you ranking on the first page of Google in just a few weeks. 


  • AI content report which helps you identify topics for your blogs
  • AI writing assistant enables you to optimize your articles before you publish them on your site
  • Boost traffic to old posts
  • Top 30 Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis identifies keywords to use in your titles
  • Keyword Library


  • $49 per month (limited offer)


Want to grow your audience organically? Conductor is the AI tool you need. Conductor provides a holistic solution that helps you engage your customers and address their needs directly. In addition, conductor enables you to create optimized content informed by the market’s preferences.

Conductor can be shared with teams so that everyone is working from the same script. Your salespeople, content marketers, and SEO teams will have the information they need about potential clients. 


  • Search intelligence to help you identify your customer’s needs
  • Training and expert consulting to build the capacity of your team
  • Analytics to measure your Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Multiple integrations are available to share optimized outlines with content creators


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Chat and Messaging AI Tools

Live Chat

Everyone wants to feel special. We all want undivided attention. Livechat allows you to create this experience for your online visitors. With an easy setup and customization, you can leave the general queries to this handy assistant as you focus on more complex questions.


  • Chat – includes canned responses, rich messages, notifications, and chat transfer. You can also integrate it with Facebook Messenger.
  • Customer engagement – includes targeted messages, chat transcripts and chat buttons.
  • Chat Widget customization – available in over 45 languages
  • Reports and analytics
  • Enhanced data security


  • Starter $16 per agent/month
  • Team $33 per agent/month
  • Business $50 per agent/month
  • Enterprise – Request quote


Before you go for a sales call, what do you do? Research your client. The more you know about them, the easier to highlight aspects of your product that will appeal to them. Drift does that for you with every website visitor. 


  • Customer-facing chatbot
  • Schedule meetings
  • Consolidate sales and marketing data in an accessible portal
  • Drift Intel – compiles information on your website visitors to help you customize their experience 
  • Drift prospector – prioritizes potential clients who show the most interest
  • Drift Email – route inquiries to the right team member for follow-up


  • Free trial. Request a quote for longer-term engagement


Conversica is designed to be a central part of your sales team. Where other chatbots engage the customer only when they land on your site Conversica takes the initiative. Their AI assistants engage customers and intuitively respond to their queries and challenges using natural language. They do the grunt work then your salespeople close the deal.


  • Customer-facing chatbot for various industries.


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E-commerce AI tools


Does your business thrive on loyalty? Yotpo has just what you need to increase and customize your customer engagement. They are known for their rating service but have expanded their products to include loyalty and SMS marketing. In addition, they have solutions that allow you to intercept an abandoned cart giving you a chance to salvage any sale. 


  • Reviews and Ratings
  • SMS Marketing
  • Loyalty and Referrals
  • Visual user-generated-content (UGC) – showcase customer photos and videos across your site to boost brand engagement
  • Multiple integrations are available compatible with a variety of eCommerce platforms.


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If you’re looking for a top-notch lead generator, then look no further. Seamless will save you hours that you could spend scouring the internet and your Rolodex. No matter whose contact you need, Seamless will find it. 

Even if the person you are looking for has changed jobs and titles, the software retrieves their current contact details in seconds.


  • Find researched, verified, and validated contact information in real-time
  • Use our social search engine to find out everything about your contacts
  • Multiple integrations are available to your desired CRM system


  • Free
  • Unlimited: Starts at $97.47 per month (Minimum 10 licenses and billed annually
  • Basic: Starts at $147 per month (Billed annually)

Analytics AI tools


They say keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Of course, your competitors aren’t your enemies, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them. Crayon is a platform that helps you to do just that. 


Crayon helps you track your competition’s:

  • News and Events – Learn what investment moves your competitors are making
  • Team and Personnel-Identify competitors strengths and weaknesses from employee reviews
  • Product, Pricing, and Packaging
  • Support threads and reviews-What do people think about your competitor’s products.
  • Customers and Partners – Has your competitor added or removed a customer from their site?


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Adobe analytics

AI-powered Adobe Analytics collates customer-related data and helps you identify trends, track performance, and write relevant performance reports. 

You don’t need a CRM to make this work. Adobe analytics works with data from different sources such as Point of Sale. In addition, the attribution feature allows you to match revenue to cost centers. 


  • Multichannel data collection – 
  • Custom variables – Use the most relevant data to inform your business decisions and achieve your goals.
  • Unique processing rules – An easier way to create real-time segmentation of all online-data 
  • Offline Data Integration 
  • Data warehouse and data feeds offer extended storage, data reprocessing, and reporting capabilities for customer data.


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Social Media Marketing Artificial Intelligence Apps


Later is an industry favorite because it is a powerful AI marketing tool that’s easy to use. It allows you to schedule Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, and LinkedIn posts, all from one platform. You can be set up and ready for operation within minutes. 


  • Scheduling-Schedule your posts, videos, and stories
  • Instagram analytics
  • Linkin.bio blocks-create a mini-website on your Instagram page and make it easier to engage your customers
  • User-Generated Content- find the information you need easily and quickly


  • Free for Individuals (limited number of accounts and posts)
  • $15 per month – Starter
  • $25 per month – Growth
  • $40 per month – Advanced


Hootsuite is the answer to every social media manager’s dream. The ability to monitor multiple social media channels, including Facebook messenger from one convenient platform, is a great time saver. It allows you to schedule posts to publish when it counts. It provides analytics to monitor the impact of your social media activities. It can even help you optimize your ads, securing your ROI. 


  • Create and schedule posts
  • Manage multiple social media channels
  • Campaign planner
  • Monitor comments and replies
  • Performance analysis
  • Amplify allows your employees to share your content safely
  • Insights – identify trends and helps you set winning strategies
  • Ad optimization – Works for social media channels and search engines


  • $19 per month – Professional
  • $99 per month – Team
  • $599 per Month – Business
  • Custom Quote – Enterprise

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one AI marketing solution for all your social media management needs. Create posts, track comments, monitor your performance, and even reassign tasks to different team members on this platform. 

Sprout Social provides valuable insights about conversations happening on social media in which you feature. It even allows you to monitor what is going on with your competition.


  • Engagement e.g., smart inbox
  • Publishing and scheduling, e.g., scheduling, asset library, content suggestions
  • Analytics
  • Listening, e.g., audience analysis, customer feedback, competitor comparison, and trend identification.


  • $89 per user/month – Standard
  • $149 per user/month – Professional
  • $249 per user/month – Advanced


Have you ever wondered how companies always seem to be online? You can be too, or at least you can create the illusion. Buffer is a nifty social media marketing tool that allows you to schedule your social media posts. They get posted when your target audience is online, even if you are not.

They also have a chrome extension that allows you to share articles straight from a website. 

With the industry growing and changing constantly, Buffer provides quality content to help social media managers keep up with industry developments.


  • Schedule your social media posts
  • Analytics-measure your social media performance
  • Engagement- keep up with comments and replies


  • Free for three channels
  • $5 per social channel per month – Essentials

Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI do digital marketing?

Yes, even though you may need to intervene from time to time. Depending on the software you choose, artificial intelligence can take care of the repetitive tasks in a marketing campaign, for example, email marketing.

How is AI used in digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence is best suited to take over manual, repetitive tasks such as market research, social media engagement, and initiating contact with web visitors. 

How is AI reshaping marketing?

The artificial intelligence technology industry has enjoyed steep growth, with its market size currently valued at approximately $93.53 billion.

According to a survey of over 1,000 marketers, more than 50% of the marketers surveyed prioritize access to accurate market intelligence to determine their performance. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable marketers to quickly analyze massive sets of data to inform strategy and resource allocation. Now marketers can attribute revenue to marketing campaigns with increased accuracy.

Machine learning enables artificial intelligence to gain accuracy in predictive modeling. It allows corporations to cut costs and take advantage of emerging trends to maintain and grow their markets.

What are the marketing tools of digital marketing?

All the AI marketing tools we have discussed above fall are all marketing and sales applications and in no way exhaustive. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning for content generation, SEO, social media management, email, lead generation, e-commerce, and analytics. In addition, they all enjoy positive customer reviews.

Which AI machine is a popular tool used in the marketing field?

Different AI marketing tools do different things making comparison difficult. The best software platform that uses AI is one that fits your needs and your pocket. In general, social media applications are popular with marketers as both small and large businesses harness the power and visibility of social media. 

Before you choose an AI tool, ensure you have mapped out a marketing strategy. Only then should you select a tool that can help you achieve your goals.

By Kihara Kimachia

Kihara is the founder of Sanifu Media and has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing gained in a variety of industries. He holds a Degree in International Business Administration from the United States International University (USIU) with a concentration in Marketing. Additionally, he holds professional qualifications in insurance, sales and is a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketer and Content Marketer. He is skilled in and tested on content creation, social promotion, lead nurturing and conversion, and ad management (Google and Facebook). He is a prolific writer with a passion for business and technology. In the past, he has contributed to respectable tech websites such as MakeUseOf.com, maketecheasier.com, and ghostwritten for dozens of other websites. Twitter @KiharaKimachia

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