Content Marketing

Content Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Successful content marketing is about having a team of professional writers, content strategists, and distribution experts who have the time and experience to craft content that converts.

Content marketing isn’t about sprinkling a few guest posts here and there or hiring a blogger to promote your business and expecting a good return. It demands a sound strategy, a detailed plan, the right skills, tools, and an execution timeline.

At Sanifu Media, we have a winning recipe to ensure your content marketing efforts deliver the intended returns. This will include (but not be limited to):

  • Determining your content marketing goals
  • Outlining buyer personas 
  • Outlining buyer journeys 
  • Conducting a content audit
  • Creating topic clusters and pillar pages
  • Creating a blogging calendar and overseeing (writing/editing/posting) the articles
  • Running a social media audit
  • Creating a social media posting calendar and implementing it for (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Writing email content for automated sequences to nurture leads into customers
  • Writing and editing website content

Below are some of our content marketing packages.

DetailsGold Package
Silver PackageBronze Package
Site and Content AuditYesYesYes
Competitor AnalysisYesYesYes
Keyword AnalysisYesYesYes
Long-Term Content Strategy & Blogging CalendarYesYesYes
Long form blog posts (1,200 – 1,500 words)Weekly (4 blogs per month).
Blogs posted on social media
Fortnightly (2 blogs per month).
Blogs posted on social media
Monthly (1 Blog per month).
Blogs posted on social media
Guest Posts with backlinks.
Research into guest posting opportunities
Writing to site owners
Writing the guest posts (1,000 words) and submitting them to site owners.
Confirming the backlink.
2 per month1 per month1 per month
Social Media Marketing 
Short blurbs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
Social media ad management on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
LinkedIn Sponsored Content.
LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. Creation and Campaign Management.
DailyTwice a week Once a week
Email Monthly Newsletter and Autoresponder Series
Developing an email newsletter and autoresponder series.
Developing a suitable landing page.
20-page eBook Giveaway
Research into suitable topics.
Writing a unique eBook.
Developing the eBook landing page.
Google Ranking metrics.
Social media metrics.
Email conversion metrics.
Backlink report.

We also develop custom content marketing solutions that suit the needs of each client. 

Our Content Marketing Solutions

Our content marketing solutions will: 

  1. Drive visitors to your website
  2. Convert visitors into leads.
  3. Convert leads into customers.
  4. And, convert customers into brand advocates.

Get in touch with us today via our contact form below for more information on a content marketing solution to suit your needs.