eBooks, White Papers & Case Studies

Ebooks, White Papers and Case Studies

eBooks, White Papers, and Case Studies are vital to lead generation assets. At Sanifu Media, we develop high-quality content that your users will want to download or sign-up to receive. 

eBooks and White Papers are integral to your mid-funnel content marketing strategy. They are research-intensive and rich in data. These two assets delve into a specific problem that your target audience wants to solve and provides solutions that drive users to your products and services. 

eBooks are slightly shorter than White Papers and feature eye candy in the form of graphic design for maximum impact and focus on insightful nuggets of information and industry data.

White Papers are longer and address a single topic that establishes you as an authority on a subject. They boost your credibility and serve as proof that you are though leader.

Case Studies are at the bottom of your sales funnel. Their purpose is to nudge fence-sitters into the sales funnel by providing proof of value. They can be potent arsenals in your content marketing strategy. After all, nobody can argue with great results!

These assets can be gated within a landing page or distributed via an email campaign.

We encourage you to explore using eBooks, White Papers, and Case Studies to improve your lead generation.

The final product includes graphs, tables, charts,  logos, fonts, brand color schemes, and other design preferences into a campaign-ready product. 

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